I've been thinking about salads lately. Their composition on the plate, as well as the palate.  They are part of the curriculum at culinary schools, which elevates their status.  Rightfully so, I think.  The more I think about it, the more I think of them as a test of one's ability to compose flavors and a plate.  The flavors will stand out, and each bite will be different, but hopefully share a common thread.  I'm mystified by what makes them work.  The salad I made below does work.  It is like magic to me.  I particularly loved the bites with the vinaigrette, the roasted pepper, and artichoke.  The herbs were sublime.

Blanched baby bok choy, baby carrots, artichoke; red pepper batons roasted with olive oil and salt/pepper; radish wedges; fresh tarragon, basil, oregano, parsley, thyme; on a bed of cauliflower which was put through a food processor to give it the consistency of cous cous, then simmered just until tender.

Vinaigrette of maille dijon mustard, salt, champagne vinegar, and toasted almond oil. The vinaigrette was awesome. We ended up using the remains of the artichoke and veggies as an excuse to pour it into our gullets.

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