Dinner November 6, 2011

Lentil puree soup enriched with cream. Served with a homemade baguette:

For dessert I played with some techniques I've out of Grant Achatz' shop at Alinea.   

From bottom left. Hazelnut puree with homemade spiced cranberry jam, crushed toasted hazelnuts. Granny smith apple capsule filled with gran marnier cream and topped with a hazelnut "chip"" made from dehydrating hazelnut puree. Apple shortbread with cinnamon streusel.

I think I would serve just the cake with the capsule in the future (you'll see why in the next photo). I wanted to play with different plating ideas though.

Crack open the capsule and the gran marnier (orange flavored cognac) cream mixture pours out over the cake. In the future Im going to make the cream mixture more viscous and the walls of the capsule thinner.

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