I've Been Busy

I haven't posted in a while.  The reason is that I'm preparing for a dinner on Saturday.  We've invited the head of the Art department, his family, and two others here for dinner.   Here is what I've been up to (I know I have missed some tasks, and most of these involve multiple steps I didn't mention).   8 courses.  Photos of the plated dishes in a post to come, probably on Sunday.

Creme fraiche
White beef stock
Remouillage of beef
Reduce stock to 1/6th
Vegetable stock
Roast & peel chestnuts
Braise and puree chestnuts for agnolotti filling
Pasta sheets, formed agnolotti
Cranberry Stock
Make poolish for baguette
Knead dough, bake baguette
Mix doughnut dough
Cranberry spheres
Made coffee 'semifreddo'
Shaped doughnuts
Chive chips
Mustard powder
Carrot powder
Juice cucumber
Make cucumber gel
Make egg shell 'ramekins'
Roast butternut squash
Make butternut squash soup
Grate nutmeg
Grate gruyere
Whip creme fraiche
Soak and extract marrow
Peel and blanch celery
Slice celery
Poach lobster
Make white truffle custard
Make black truffle ragout
Make pate a choux
Pipe and bake gougeres
Make persillade
Make crostini
Boil agnolotti
Reheat soup
Quenelle creme fraiche
Saute marrow
Slice yukon gold
Make pommes maxim
Make 'red beet essence'
Julienne leeks
Poach leeks
Poach figs
Make spice mix for duck
Sear duck breast
Make port-sherry vinegar beurre monte
Orange puree
Make hot milk foam

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