My interest in food relatively recently started to rise very quickly after tasting a dish from the Alinea cookbook. It was prepared by a friend in Houston while we were in a PhD program together. It radically changed the way I think about what a dish could be and what food could do. Sure, it was a visceral experience, but that's true of eating generally, I think. What worked for me was that it not only engaged my senses but, through them, my mind as well. Prior to that experience, I was skeptical of these newfangled techniques he was talking about...spheres out of food, mozzarella spaghetti...huh? After that, I was on board, 100% and then some.

Since then I have relocated to the Charlotte, NC area and decided to take cooking more seriously.  This blog serves as a diary of an auto-didact, a source of inspiration as I record my progress in learning to cook well, and a place where I can share thoughts on what makes things work physically/chemically as well as through tastes and flavors (i.e. gastronomic science).  

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