I will not abandon this blog

Wow...It has been a long time since I wrote anything.  What a slacker I am, right?


So much has happened.  Shortly after my last post, I walked into the kitchen of one of Charlotte, NC's fine dining restaurants and asked to work for free.  Six months later, I'm on salary and helping to run the kitchen.

I took a break from the restaurant 4 months in and toured Europe and Israel this summer.  I ate ridiculous food that inspired me.  I cooked a little (I had loads of fun finding ways to get a friend's daughters help me prepare meals).

In any case, this post has little substance except for a promise not to abandon it.   I need an outlet.  The pressure of cooking professionally has been intense, so letting out some frustrations and sketching ideas should help. And, even if I don't have as much time to put my ideas into practice or to practice the ideas of the masters, I won't abandon this blog; I want it to be a helpful tool.


So,  I'll try to write something at least a few times a week.  Could be a new recipe, an experiment, a copy, scenes from the kitchen, self-doubts (there are many) or encouragement (also many of these).