When we lived in Houston, we had the fortune of living around the corner from a great little (I do mean little) bagel shop.  They made bagels fresh every day, and many days the line would double over itself and go out the door.  Standing room only.  

Well, since we moved to the Davidson/Charlotte area we haven't had really good bagels.  As with many things these days, I thought, "why not make them myself?"  The recipe came from the CIA's textbook, so that's handy

A jar of diastatic malt syrup (diastase enzymes FTW), and a quick trip to the grocery store for garnishes got me all set to go.

Bagels are garnished with minced onion & garlic, salt, sesame seed, fennel seed, caraway seed, and poppy seed.  With smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, capers, and cream cheese.

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