Salmon, Ponzu Udon, Pears, Oranges, Hot Peppers

 I think one of the benefits of cooking every day is that you can begin to see possibilities when you have an unconnected assortment of ingredients and need to come up with a plan for them.  In other words, time to see what's hiding out in the fridge.

 In this dish I combined some fruit, peppers (habenero and jalepeno) in the style of the salsa that went with the red snapper a few dinners back.   The salmon was fresh and I decided to cook it in the style of a salmon-leek beurre blanc dish I made for my birthday.  The noodles were marinated in ponzu and kimchi juice after a ginger-scallion noodle dish served at momofuku.

I can't say I was surprised the flavors went well together.   I think this should inspire further thinking using these same core ingredients, although not all of them.   I particularly liked the salmon-pear pairing (both were soft and melded together nicely). The flavor of the peppers served as a nice accent to them.  The citrus was also a good combination with the salmon, and of course worked nicely with the ponzu flavored udon noodles.   The nicest bites put all of the ingredients on the fork to make a combination of citrus, and crispy/fatty salmon skin with a hint of soy sauce and the pear rounding out the flavor.

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