Yogurt, roasted garlic, cucumber, pomegranate

I used the homemade yogurt from a few days ago. Puree of half an english cucumber with seeds removed, a head of roasted garlic, dried mint leaves, meyer lemon juice, salt. Slices of cucumber. Pomegranate. Ta da:

Roasted garlic pureed in a with mortar and pestle, then mixed with cucumber puree and yogurt, mint leaves, and salt. Chilled.

Simple and delicious.

Should note this is not a traditional presentation and the traditional recipe modified somewhat.  I think the traditional way is more of a cucumber salad, with the yogurt/garlic mixture acting as a dressing.  The garlic doesn't seem to be typically roasted, and there are no pomegranates.    I made this on a half-remembered recollection of what khyar bi laban is and improvised.  This dish is interesting because it has elements of sweet and savory.  The roasted garlic and pomegranate has a natural sweetness that is balanced by the earthy cucumber and the slightly acidic yogurt.

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